Gin & Tonic - Earl Grey

Gin & Tonic - Earl Grey


Intensive ASHBURNER'S PREMIUM GIN meets high-quality, quinine-free tonic water.
How could it have been otherwise, two tastes that have always complemented each other now come together in our 330 ml glass bottles and experience a new taste highlight.

The nuances of gin liqueur are balanced here with the bitter notes of the refreshing tonic and lead to a perfectly rounded pleasure experience. The result, a refreshing Afterwork drink with style, which is chilled ready to be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Balanced Earl Gray

Tart, full-bodied and distinctive. Stimulating tea aromas meet a pleasantly fine acidity and create a spicy taste harmony with a refreshing note of bergamot.

hunter tea, the oldest tea shop in Vienna, provides an exclusive selection of fine black tea varieties for the production of the Ashburner Earl Gray gin liqueur. These are refined with precious and fresh-natural organic bergamot oil until the full-bodied taste of bergamot penetrates the tea leaves and provides a characteristic smoky accent.

Crowd: 6x 330ml
alcohol content: 5,6 %

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