VIOLET – 100ml

VIOLET – 100ml


Lovely, subtle, floral, honey-sweet.
ASHBURNER'S PREMIUM GIN is a perfectly balanced GIN LIQUEUR.

Our Violet Gin Liqueur is much more than a summer refreshment. Even if it already looks like a little vacation in its blaze of colour. The unique fusion between violet and gin turns the taste experience into one perfect basis for numerous cocktails or for a little pep for sparkling wine, wine and co.

Violets and botanicals all come from self-cultivation in Lower Austria. The violet gin, on the other hand, is painstakingly distilled three times by hand in a small batch process in Vienna, bottled and refined with violet syrup, which is also produced in-house.

ASHBURNER'S PREMIUM GIN can be served pure - but then ice cold - or with almost any tonic.

Crowd: 100ml
alcohol content: 25%