By enriching our gins with homemade syrups made from fruits, herbs, flowers and other botanicals, we are unmistakable.

Ashburner's Premium Gin Liqueur


Our product range now includes gin liqueurs in 6 varieties in the all-year range and additional seasonal specialties.

Ashburner's Premium Gin Geschenkbox


This question is on ours production process and the infusion of our gins with home-made syrups made from fruits, herbs, flowers and other botanicals.

Here's a small one A look behind the scenes:  

  • The first step in making gin is the maceration, using the predefined ones for the flavor Botanicals pickled in batch alcohol, to extract coloring and, above all, aromatic substances. 


  • After approximately two days of enrichment, a distillation separated the alcohol from the excess water. The spiced vapors rise into a still and are passed through a sieve with other fruits to further flavor the alcohol and work out finer nuances. This step will repeated three timesto intensify the taste and flavors variety.
  • This is followed by a short rest phase before the gin finally with a previously scheduled one Syrup complete and balanced becomes. Depending on the variety, the syrup preparation time can vary from hours to months.  


  • Due to the repeated enrichment of gin with flavors and syrup it contains one Alcohol content of 25% and thus counts according to categorization as liqueur. Ultimately, this will bottled and subsequently labeled. From this point on, the individual bottles will be waiting for your orders in our warehouse.

Although our recipes have been perfected in numerous feedback and test loops, can the taste between individual batches vary. This is due to the use of untreated fruits, blossoms and spices from our own cultivation attributed. In addition waive we exclusively on the use of artificial additives and colorings. 


For those who don't want to make a decision, there is ours luxurious gift box, filled with six 100 ml gin liqueur bottles, which free from our assortment compiled can become.


We also offer ours as a starter kit for your own use or as the perfect souvenir for every gin lover Tasting box, consisting of 25 ml of each of the 6 gin liqueurs from our standard range - just the right amount for 6 perfect Gin & Tonics and absolutely ideal for anyone who would like to taste their way through all the colors of the rainbow!

Perfect for everyone who likes to put their taste to the test and want to taste our variety. 


Tart, strong, aromatic, fruity and sour


Powerful, sharp, sweet and lemony


Lovely, subtle, floral, honey-sweet


Sweet, floral, gently fruity, refreshing


refreshing, juicy, sweet and fruity-sour


flowery, fruity, filigree bitter


depending on the season we offer additional limited editions