2023 was that most successful year so far for Ashburner's Premium Gin!

After expanding our presence in various markets in and around Vienna since the beginning of the year, we were present with our products at the same time for the first time 4 different Easter markets represent.

In addition, we were there all year round Design markets such as Edelstoff, WAMP, Fesch'Markt or the Vienna Market Martinée and Culinary events such as the delicacy spring in Baden or the gourmet worlds in the MAK are very present.

After Several Autumn markets We then went seamlessly into our most exciting event yet Christmas season above. In addition to our classic, the traditional Christmas market Hof Castle, we had the opportunity to present our products at the Christmas and New Year markets for the first time Schönbrunn Castle to offer.

We also had a successful one in the summer Pop-up store in the 1st district in Vienna and have our own permanent one in September flagship store opened in the front garden market.

We have also succeeded in getting our gin liqueur to be sold by numerous people resellers and even big ones supermarkets is represented.


We look forward to an exciting year 2024!

Everyone can here Gin liqueurs Our standard range can be tasted and purchased. At the same time there are also current ones limited edition and exclusive merchandise, as well as custom made like discovering our elegant gin dispenser.


Vorgartenmarkt 13, 1020 Vienna
Tuesday - Friday 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m

We have had one in recent years extensive network of sales partners and are pleased that our gin liqueurs are now available from a large number of resellers in Vienna and the surrounding area can be purchased.


Click here for our current list Resellers

Our gin liqueur has recently been available in the first large supermarkets in the standard range to find.


Billa Bastirsch OG
Wiener Straße 16, 2325 Himberg


Interspar hypermarket, Q19
Grinzingerstraße 112, 1190 Vienna

Quality from Austria
free delivery from € 50.00