ROSE – 500ml

ROSE – 500ml


Natural, tender, honeyed and berry.
ASHBURNER'S PREMIUM GIN is a perfectly balanced GIN LIQUEUR.

With floral-fresh rose aromas our gin liqueur rose conjures up your special aperitif moment - no matter when, no matter where. Paired with the subtle bitterness of the gin, a refreshingly fruity flavor composition is created - sunny, light and not too sweet. 

The complexity of the taste arises from this whole heads of roses used when preparing the syrup, the different oils and aromas of blossom and pollen can be obtained. In addition, purchasing from a florist guarantees regional quality.

ASHBURNER'S PREMIUM GIN can be served pure - but then ice cold - or with almost any tonic.

Crowd: 500ml
alcohol content: 25%